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Natural Beauty Visit mountain Olympus, the highest
mountain of Greece as well as green
mountain Kissavos and enjoy the
unique natural beauty of Thessaly.    
Meteora Meteora is a formation of huge dark colored rocks
that constitute a geological phenomenon of unique
beauty as well as an important monument of the
Orthodox religion.    
Plastiras Lake Plastiras Lake is an ideal destination for
excursions, outdoor activities and relaxation
during both summer and winter months.    
Traditional Villages Several traditional villages
lie in the mountains of Thessaly.    
Pelion Pelion, the mountain of the Centaurs is a perfect
tourist destination for all seasons.    
Sporades Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos.
Discover the unique beauty
of Sporades.  

Western Pelion


According to Greek mythology Pelion was the mountain of the Centaurs and also the summer resort of the 12 Olympian Gods.It is one of the most beautiful places in Greece, with wonderful forests and green slopes. This mountain is also associated with myths about Hercules, Achilles and Jason, as well as with the myth of Paris, who gave the ‘Apple of Discord’ to the most beautiful goddess and this brought about the Trojan War.

Pelion today is a perfect tourist destination for all seasons and tastes, as it combines mountain and sea beauties in a unique way. Its tourist infrastructure is constantly growing whereas there ’s marvelous nature and picturesque villages.

Western Pelion is the part of Pelion facing the Pagasetic Gulf; it is peaceful, serene, and full of picturesque villages and leeward beaches.

  Map of the region



  • Western Pelion embraces villages on the mountain, like Makrinitsa, Agios Georgios (St Georgios) or Milies, and others near the sea, like Milina, Afissos or Kala Nera.
  • Visitors can access the area through Agria.  They can take the coastal road along the Pagasetic Gulf that ends in Trikeri. The only part of the journey that does not go past the sea is in the area of Argalasti.
  • The climate of Western Pelion is influenced by the location of the mountain, which protects the area from the humid winds of the Aegean Sea. So, summers are cool and winters are mild.


  • There are lots of big and small hotels, guesthouses and let rooms. There are also some tourist camps.
  • There is a high standard ski resort on the site Agriolefkes, in Chania.
  • There are small marinas for sailboats and yachts to dock
  • There is a bus service connecting the area with the rest of Magnisia prefecture.

Western Pelion offers:

  • A unique combination of mountain and sea settings, in a most beautiful landscape all year round.
  • A wide network of marked trails, ideal for all those who love hiking, at any age.
  • Exceptional beaches in the waters of the Pagasetic Gulf, organized ones for the many, and secluded for the few.
  • The ideal setting for sailing, as the winds of the Pagasetic Gulf include breezes, land breezes and thermals. Lots of coastal villages like Kala Nera, Trikeri or Afissos have leeward marinas where sail boaters can stop and rest.
  • A variety of choices regarding accommodation, dining and entertainment.
  • Lots of traditional villages built in the traditional architectural style of Pelionn.
  • The possibility for winter sports at the ski resort of Chania.


  • Have a cup of coffee or a drink in Milina, next to the sea, enjoying the peace and homeliness of this picturesque village.
  • Get on the small train of Pelion, starting from the railway station in Ano Lehonia and ending, after a marvelous journey, at the station of Milies.
  • Spend a weekend, in one of the many traditional guesthouses in Vizitsa.
  • Have a cup of coffee in the square of Agios Georgios, enjoying the view of the Pagasetic Gulf.
  • Visit Portaria on August 15 and see the revival of a traditional wedding of Pelion.
  • Visit the ski resort in Chania to ski or snowboard at night. Have hot bean soup and taste the local dark red wine in one of the taverns of the village.
  • Spend a weekend on the island named Palio Trikeri (Old Trikeri), in a quiet setting with no vehicles, eating fresh fish and enjoying the peace and hospitality of its inhabitants.
  • Walk through the picturesque narrow streets of Makrinitsa and taste traditional dishes in the village called “the balcony of Pelion”.

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